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After School

New York’s After-School Choice: Juvenile Crime or Safe Learning Time

New York’s law enforcement leaders know from experience and the research that the hours from 3 to 6 PM on school days are the “prime time for juvenile crime.” Nearly seven school-age New York children in every ten live in a household with a single parent who is working or two parents who are both working. On a regular basis, more than 800,000 New York children and teens are left unsupervised by adults. Studies show that after school is the peak time for teens to commit crime, be a victim of crime, be in or cause a car crash and smoke, drink or use drugs. Quality, constructive and highly supervised programs can cut crime immediately and convert after school hours into safe learning time. One high-quality program found that boys left out of the program averaged six times more crimes than teens in the program. A study of Boys & Girls clubs showed that housing projects without the clubs had 50 percent more vandalism and 37 percent worse drug activity.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids New York calls on New York Policy Makers to:

  • Expand investments in high-quality after-school programs to make them universally accessible to families needing or desiring these services.

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