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Illinois Law Enforcement Leaders: Preschool Funding Cuts Shortchange Our Fiscal Future by Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Sheriffs, police chiefs and state’s attorneys say erosion of state preschool a public safety risk

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SPRINGFIELD (April 26, 2012) — Law enforcement leaders from across Illinois urged state lawmakers to reject any further cuts to Illinois’ state preschool program in a news conference at the Statehouse on Thursday and on a conference call with members of the media.

The steady erosion of funding for Illinois’ Preschool for All initiative over the past three years has cut 17,600 kids from state preschool in the past several years. The law enforcement leaders released a new research brief that detailed these cuts county-by-county and found that cutting the state preschool program costs the state far more than it saves, especially in crime costs.


SPECIAL ONLINE CONTENT: Read county-by-county breakdown of preschool cuts and local news releases with statements from law enforcement across the state.


Report: “Penny-wise and Pound-foolish: Preschool Funding Cuts Shortchange Our Future By Hundreds of Millions of Dollars”

Springfield News Release

Teleconference News Release

Preschool Cuts by County

Graphic: “Preschool Cuts Shortchanging Our Future

Localized Press Releases and Data

Chicago Metro Area Release

Cook County Preschool Cut Data

Northwest Illinois Release

Collar Counties Preschool Cut Data

Western Illinois Release

Northwest Illinois Preschool Cut Data

Central Illinois Release

Western Illinois Preschool Cut Data

Eastern Illinois Release

Central Illinois Preschool Cut Data

Metro-East Release

Eastern Illinois Preschool Cut Data

Southern Illinois Release

Metro-East Preschool Cut Data

Southern Illinois Preschool Cut Data

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